HOC will be attending and reporting on the 4th Annual World Health Care Congress, 22–24 April. Billed as “the must-attend event for healthcare, government and corporate leaders to formulate solutions to the escalating challenges of healthcare cost, quality, and delivery,” the congress features a stellar array of topics and speakers.

The 27 keynote speakers include: Paul Steiger, Managing editor, The Wall Street Journal; Carolyn Clancy, MD, Director, Agency for Health Care Research and Quality; Peter Neupert, Corporate Vice President for Health Strategy, Microsoft Corp; Adam Bosworth, Vice President, Google, Inc; Ronald Williams, President and CEO, Aetna, Inc; Uwe Reinhardt, health policy expert, Professor of political economy, Princeton University; and Andrew Von Eschenbach, Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration.

Among the scores of topics under discussion are:

  • Public reporting of quality and cost of care
  • The business mandate for chronic care interventions
  • Globalisation: the impact on healthcare systems
  • Global best practices in pay-for-performance – insights from the UK’s physician incentive system
  • Measurement of health status for improved productivity.