By Duncan Dibble ( )

If you Google for ‘website’ and ‘traffic’ you’ll be inundated with miracle cures to increase visitors to your site. It will then take you roughly three days to sort out the ‘useful’ material.

But there are several ways to increase the number of visitors to your site, although that’s only half the battle. The real skill is being able to keep visitors coming back.

If you think this is a job for the tech-guys in your company, then think again. Getting web visitors to come back to your intranet site is just as important as your external internet, if not more so. Your department’s intranet is a key medium for communicating to your staff and it should be the first place they visit when looking for resources and information about your company and the products and services it offers.

I’ve set up blogs for heads of departments, created a presentation and sales aid library for pharmaceutical personnel, developed an interactive online training course and even created a photo gallery for a staff party. Here’s what I’ve learned and some of the services your website can provide:

  • Presentations or videos of new products or initiatives
  • Newsletters and articles
  • RSS feeds or blogs
  • A calendar of upcoming events
  • Daily weather reports and stock quotes
  • Feedback mechanisms – forms, forums and debating facilities
  • Podcasts for iPods, PDAs or Blackberrys
  • Thoughts for the day and favourite quotes
  • Free fun stuff such as competitions, postcards, video clips and games

If you would like any more information, advice or to talk about how we can develop your intranet site to gain maximum exposure feel free to drop me an email at