Competitive Intelligence Interesting article in PharmaVoice in April 2012 – regarding Competitive Intelligence and Competitor Strategy.  The article rightly points out that Pharma is leaving good intel on the table –by not developing relationships and using them effectively; or by taking a very high-minded attitude to informal sources of intel (e.g. conversations overheard at airports); or with a short-term approach that means that work is lost to the rest of the company as the product moves along the development path.

While we can’t help our clients make their relationships work better or assist them in eavesdropping, we can help them ensure that useful competitor intelligence is synthesised and stored during the development process, so that by the time the product is in a late stage the company has a bank of tiered, high quality, objectively assessed information in an interactive filterable format. Allowing rapid and reliable comparison between competitor attributes, claims, evidence bases and future research.

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