HOC has undergone an extreme makeover, thanks to your valuable comments from our survey.

In our on-line version of HOC, you will find new content each week. You will see familiar favorites such as articles on US and UK healthcare initiatives, interviews with industry and academic leaders, updates on HEOR research, and deadlines for abstract submission to key meetings, as well as tools and tips for writing and communicating effectively. As we move forward, you also will see synopses of our readers’ research, written by the investigators themselves, and job ads.

This site will be more interactive, so you can receive updates via RSS feeds and comment on individual articles to participate in on-line discussions. You will also have access to the full archive of previously-published HOC articles.

And, with the departure of our former Editor, David Woods, I will be filling his shoes as the new Editor of HOC. I have more than 15 years’ experience in medical writing and communications and have been a HOC contributor since its inception. Our team of experienced contributors is ready to bring you the latest information on HEOR.

To start us off, we have an article on how Medicare data can be used to understand the growth of healthcare costs in the USA, an especially timely review given the urgency of healthcare reform under President Obama. We also highlight a new research study that shows the substantial role of high medical bills in personal bankruptcies for many Americans.

We look forward to interacting with you as we move in a direction. Look for us in the future in places like Facebook and Twitter.

Please continue to send us your suggestions. My “door” is always open.

Mary Gabb, MS