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Latest news from the Health Economics & Outcomes World

  • Survey: Most Employers Say Curbing Health Costs...

    A new survey from Willis Towers Watson found that a whopping 93 percent of employers say reducing health care costs and boosting affordability is a top priority over the next three years, according […]

  • Report Highlights Key Trends in HEOR Services...

    A new report highlights key statistics and trends of top HEOR services manufacturers, including IQVIA, Pharmaceutical Product Development and RTI Health Solutions. According to a description of the […]

  • What Spotify in Denmark, Air Ambulances, and...

    Does Medicare P4P lead to an increase in private payments? Yes, of about 1.4 percent, according to a recent NBER paper by Darden et al, in which they do not definitively rule out cost shifting (but […]

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