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With 20 years of experience, we understand the importance and challenge of effectively communicating complex research findings to diverse audiences. We excel in crafting compelling posters that showcase the value and impact of your research.

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Expertly crafted scientific communications for the world's top pharmaceutical companies.

With 20 years of working with the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, we’ve honed our expertise in creating engaging and informative scientific and medical abstracts and posters. We understand the importance of effectively communicating complex research findings to diverse audiences, and we excel in crafting compelling solutions with succinct summaries that showcase the value and impact of your research.

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Expertly crafted scientific communications for the world's top pharmaceutical companies.

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20 years of experience working with the world's top pharmaceutical companies has given us a proven track record in creating engaging and informative scientific abstracts and posters, targeted to the audience and telling a compelling story.

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From crafting abstracts that inspire acceptance, to a visually captivating poster, with robust quality control and seamless management, Rx Communications offers a complete end-to-end solution if needed. Experienced writers ensure the final poster is accurate, error-free, and exceeds expectations.

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Our team of expert medical and scientific writers work closely with you to distil complex research data into concise and easily understood narratives, ensuring your poster effectively communicates the significance of your work, captures the interest of your target audience and maximises the impact of your work.

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Through our network, we are able to access a deep pool of talent across a vast array of therapeutic areas. This allows us to match your project with the most appropriate subject matter experts who understand the nuances and intricacies of your specific field. By leveraging this unique capability, we ensure that your scientific posters and abstracts are not only accurate and informative but also demonstrate a high level of insight and credibility.

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While data is of primary concern, a visually appealing and engaging design is also important for capturing the attention of your target audience and effectively conveying your research findings. Our team of experienced designers and illustrators collaborate with our expert writers to create stunning scientific posters and abstracts that not only present your data accurately but also showcase it in the best way possible within your brand guidelines.

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Our thorough review and editing process ensures your abstract meets the highest standards of quality, clarity, and scientific rigour, elevating the credibility of your research and enhancing its appeal to conference organisers and journal editors.

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Our rigorous quality control process includes multiple rounds of internal review, overseen by our Science Director, as well as a final review by the client. This ensures that the final product is accurate, error-free, and meets your specific needs and requirements.

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Navigating the submission process for scientific posters and abstracts can be a complex and time-consuming task. Our experienced project management team takes the stress out of submissions by handling the process on your behalf. From ensuring compliance with specific submission guidelines to managing deadlines and communication with conference organisers, our team coordinates each step to guarantee a seamless and successful submission.

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Thanks again for managing the poster project so well despite the tight deadlines. Your efforts, highly appreciated, showed your organization's ability to excel under pressure. I'm excited to collaborate on future projects, confident we'll produce top-quality results.


Research Scientist

The poster arrived safely today and looks fantastic. Thank you once again for the superb work, smoothly done on short notice. I truly appreciate it.


Our internal teams have been thrilled collaborating with RX and look forward to continuing our work together with your team! :)


A huge thank you for handling the tight deadlines for this abstract submission, all while juggling the final steps of EULAR posters. Your hard work and flexibility made it possible. :)


I would like to extend my thanks to the medical writers and the entire RX team... We've created two amazing posters together... I appreciate all your hard work and excellent collaboration, and I'm looking forward to our next endeavor!


Thank you SO much! It's been a real pleasure working with you, and I especially appreciate your dedication during those late hours and the rush for both EULAR and ACR events.


I'm truly grateful for your internal reviewers' edits on these posters. I was very impressed with their findings, edits, and scientific expertise!


The poster presentation went really well, and it looked highly professional compared to others. Thank you for everything.


Working with your team on this project was a pleasure, and I appreciated all the suggestions you made to improve the poster. I look forward to collaborating on other projects with the Rx team.


Research Scientist

Both abstracts appear excellent in my opinion!


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Here we take some time to answer some common questions. This is a work in progress which are always adding to and updating. We will be creating long-form content for many of these topics as we go on.

What is a medical poster?
A medical poster visualises medical research or clinical case studies, often used as a communication tool at medical and scientific conferences. They summarise findings and stimulate discussions.
Why are medical posters important?
Medical posters help disseminate new findings and insights globally, fostering collaboration and dialogue in the medical field. They provide an accessible way of understanding complex scientific data.
Are these posters often used in lessons or teaching settings?
Yes, in addition to conferences, posters can also be useful in teaching settings, aiding visual learning and stimulating discussions on research topics.
Who is the target audience for a medical poster?
The target audience includes medical professionals, scholars, and other participants at the event where the poster is displayed. Through digital sharing, a wider non-professional audience might also be engaged.
Why are medical posters critical components of medical congresses?
At congresses, posters allow a wide dissemination of research insights in a condensed, visually appealing format. Viewers can interact with authors, engage in dialogues, and foster collaborations.
Are there specific font sizes or types that need to be used in a medical poster?
Although specifics can depend on conference guidelines, fonts should generally be large enough for legibility from a small distance and maintain uniformity throughout.
How large are these medical posters typically?
Physical posters are often around 90cm x 120cm (portrait/landscape). Digital posters' sizes may vary but should maintain legibility when viewed on a standard screen.
How does delivery to site work for a medical poster?
With physical posters, delivery involves printing and then transporting the poster to conference venue. For digital posters, delivery is simply via file upload.
What does the process of creating a medical poster entail?
Creating a medical poster involves developing content from a study, designing a visually appealing layout, and using text and graphs to clearly convey the findings. Then, it's either physically printed or digitally created for online conferences.
In what settings are these posters usually displayed?
Most often, medical posters are displayed at congresses, medical conferences, symposiums, trade shows and also in universities or hospitals for educational purposes.
How are these posters regulated or reviewed before publication?
Before publication, posters undergo reviews by conference committees for content relevance, scientific merit, and design suitability. Some congresses have peer review systems.
Is there a digital version of these posters?
Indeed, most modern conferences do cater to digital posters due to their convenience in distribution and access, and reduced physical materials usage.
Do the creators of these posters often deliver presentations alongside them?
Yes, it's common for authors to deliver short talks explaining their posters, especially during designated poster sessions at conferences.
What type of information goes into a medical poster?
Content generally comprises the title, authors, affiliation, abstract, background, methodology, results, and conclusion of the study. It should also contain visuals like graphs, tables or figures.
How is the content for a medical poster determined?
The content is typically derived from a research study or clinical trial. It's presented concisely, focusing on aims, methods, findings, and conclusions.
Are there any standard formats for medical posters?
Yes, medical posters often follow a standard format: title, authors, affiliation, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, references, and acknowledgment.
Does creating a medical poster require professional help?
While professional help can enhance poster quality, it isn't mandatory. With some understanding of research principles and design basics, it's possible to create an effective medical poster independently.
In what language are medical posters typically written?
Posters are primarily written in English, the lingua franca for global science communications. In some cases, the host country's language may additionally be used.
How long does it take to make a medical poster?
The time varies depending on factors like complexity of data, design proficiency, and revision needs. It might take a couple of days to two weeks.
What are the specifications typically required for a medical poster?
Typical requirements include size specifications, font size for legible text, and a structure covering abstract, methods, results, and conclusions.
How can I get a copy of a specific medical poster?
Digital posters are often available for download directly from the conference website. Physical posters can occasionally be distributed, else photos or digital versions can be requested from authors.
Are these posters peer-reviewed like medical journals?
Certain conferences have a peer-review process while others operate more on an accept-all approach. Regardless, all posters should maintain self-discipline in ensuring scientific accuracy.
Can these posters be authored by multiple individuals?
Yes, posters often involve multiple authors who contributed to the research. These could include the primary investigators, contributing researchers, and occasionally affiliated institution representatives.
How are the topics of these medical posters chosen?
Topics are typically chosen based on the significances of the study and its relevance to the conference theme. The goal is to share valuable insights and stimulate rich discussions.
How does the writing process for a medical poster work?
Writing for a medical poster mandates a concise, clear style. Scientific details must be distilled into easily comprehensible text for professionals and interested non-experts alike.
Can you explain what a congress is in the medical community?
In the medical community, a congress is a large gathering of professionals and academics, where new research and findings are shared through presentations, discussions, and poster sessions.
Who usually produces medical posters?
Medical posters are usually produced by researchers, physicians, scientists, or students, often part of an academic, healthcare, or pharmaceutical company.
Have medical posters evolved overtime?
Yes, traditional paper posters are now frequently accompanied or replaced by more interactive, easier-to-share digital ones – though the basic design principles remain the same.
Can anyone submit a medical poster to a congress?
Yes, anyone doing research - individuals or teams, professionals or students - can submit a poster, provided they comply with submission guidelines and their research holds merit.
What's the benefit of presenting research findings through medical posters?
Presenting through posters allows a mass yet detailed communication of research insights in an engaging format, leading to rich discussions, collaborations, and potential future advancements.
Who figures out the design of a medical poster?
The design is usually determined by the author or a professional designer, prioritising readability, clarity, and a logical flow of information.
What is meant by medical poster submission?
Medical poster submission refers to sending a completed poster to a conference or congress for evaluation, selection, and potential display during the event.
How does the poster stand out amongst several others at a congress?
An effective poster stands out through compelling visuals, a clear title, a logical flow of information, and essential data that grips viewers' interests.
Who funds the production of medical posters?
These are commonly funded by the research institutions conducting the study, such as universities or healthcare organisations. Sometimes grants or allowances may be provided by the hosting conference.
Can these posters be repurposed or reused?
Yes, digital posters especially can be repurposed - for example, for journal supplements, academic lectures, website contents, or even as a starting base for a new study's poster.
How are these posters archived or stored for future references?
After conferences, posters are often archived online on the conference or organisation's website. Some are published in journal supplements. Institutions may keep a local archive.
Do the creators typically get recognition or awards for high-quality posters?
Some conferences do award recognitions for standout posters, focusing on aspects like research importance, clarity of presentation, aesthetic appeal, and impact potential.
How is a medical poster laid out?
A typical layout starts with the poster title at the top, followed by abstract, introduction, methods, results, and conclusion in column formats for easy reading.
Are there differences between online and offline medical posters?
Online posters can offer interactive elements like zooming and links. In contrast, physical posters must make all content - textual and visual - immediately visible.
What is the usual lifespan of a medical poster after a conference?
Unless kept by the hosts, physical posters seldom last beyond the event. Digital versions stored online could potentially remain indefinitely, serving as a record of the research presented.
Are there any expert tips on writing an abstract for a research poster?
Convey the essence of your research, be concise yet informative, use persuasive language, make it self-explanatory, and emphasise uniqueness or novelty of your findings. Proofread carefully and adhere to word limit.
Is there a specific format that a poster abstract should follow?
While each conference might have a specific format, generally a title, followed by authors and affiliations, then an organized arrangement of objective, method, result, and conclusion are necessities.
How many authors can we include when submitting a medical poster?
There is often no strict limit on the number of authors. However, all listed should have made a significant contribution to the research, following internationally accepted criteria.
What do conference committees typically look for in a great poster?
Beyond scientific validity and relevancy, a visually engaging presentation, logical structure, clarity and brevity of text, and ability to stand out among numerous posters might all count in your favour.
How can we optimise the layout for better reader engagement?
Using a clear visual hierarchy, ensuring a logical flow between sections, accommodating white spaces, and using bullet points can help optimise the poster layout.
How to create an engaging abstract for a medical poster?
A compelling abstract for a medical poster must summarise the main elements of your research including the purpose, methods, results, and conclusion, within word limit. It should generate interest and be clear and concise.
Can a medical poster be drafted in languages other than English?
The language of the poster mainly depends on the audience of the congress. Though English is most common, if the conference caters to a specific linguistic group, then using that language is advisable.
How do you decide what visuals to use on a medical poster?
Visuals on a medical poster should support and enhance the clarity of the presented data. Charts, graphs, photos or infographics are commonly used.
How do digital and physical posters differ in terms of design and presentation?
Digital and physical posters may share design elements but offer unique possibilities. Digital posters can include interactive features. Physical ones rely on high-quality print aesthetics. Both require clear, uncluttered design catering to specific viewing circumstances.
Can we include unpublished data in a medical poster?
Including unpublished data is generally permissible, provided it meets all ethical and data privacy guidelines. However, always consult with conference guidelines or organisers before including such data.
How can we optimise reference citation to adhere to word count restrictions?
Keep references concise and focus on seminal works. Use standard abbreviations and remove unnecessary details. If short on space, consider providing a QR code linked to the full list.
How often do medical posters get rejected, and why?
Rejection rates vary widely based on the congress and its acceptance criteria. Common reasons include missing or late submissions, lack of originality or novelty, poor research quality, or non-compliance to guidelines.
How can we get ahead with early-stage planning for medical poster design?
Start with understanding the conference guidelines. Create an outline based on your research narrative. Plan ahead for collaborative inputs, revisions, and buffer for unexpected delays.
What should the level of technical detail be in a pharmaceutical medical poster?
The detail level should balance between being technically sound and understandable by non-specialist professionals. While key specifics are important, avoid excessive jargon and detail that could alienate broader audiences.
What steps are involved in writing an abstract for a poster presentation?
Writing an abstract involves creating a snapshot of your research. Start by outlining each section, draft succinct content focusing on finding, revise meticulously for clarity and conciseness, and edit for compliance with submission guidelines.
How does a poster session at a conference work?
A poster session occurs during a conference where authors present their posters, explaining their work, answering questions, and engaging in discussions with attendees.
How should we approach data visualisation in a medical poster?
Data visualisation should be clear, simple, visual, and tailored to your message. Use standard formats like tables, charts, graphs, and consider employing infographics for more complex data.
Is having a research question as the title of a poster abstract common practice?
Provided the research question adequately reflects the contents of the poster and grabs viewer's attention, it can indeed form a fitting, attention-grabbing title of your abstract.
Do abstracts for a Institute of Biomedical Science poster require strict adherence to guidelines?
Indeed, adherence to any guidelines, including abstracts for an Institute of Biomedical Science poster, is critical. Each organization will have specific requirements for structure, content, and formatting.
Any recommendations for managing multiple poster presentations at a single congress?
Managing multiple poster presentations can be challenging. Careful planning, prioritisation, a well-organised poster, targeted messaging, and rehearsed discussions for each content can help manage the process.
What are the common mistakes experienced professionals make in poster creation?
Common mistakes include cluttering the poster with excessive text or graphics, using confusing visuals, ignoring logical flow, not proofreading thoroughly, using jargon-filled language, or overlooking the congress guidelines.
Should the abstract be included on the poster itself?
The abstract should be included directly on the poster. It usually resides towards the top of the poster and provides a concise summary for viewers.
Can my poster content deviate from my original abstract?
Although there may be minor differences between the abstract and poster, the core message should remain aligned. Major deviations might raise concerns about the validity or accuracy of the original abstract.
Can my poster content deviate from my original abstract?
Although there may be minor differences between the abstract and poster, the core message should remain aligned. Major deviations might raise concerns about the validity or accuracy of the original abstract.
When is it appropriate to use infographics in a medical poster?
Infographics can effectively communicate complex data, provided they are designed simply and well-aligned with your narrative. They enhance engagement, especially where you can't elaborate verbally.
How should I present my abstract in a poster presentation scenario?
Your abstract in a poster presentation should be brief, yet comprehensive. Ensure it covers the objective of the research, the methods used, the outcome and your conclusions.
What are the key components to include in an abstract for a poster presentation?
Key components should include background, objectives, methods, results, and conclusion. Remember to be transparent, be clear and concise in describing each of these sections.
What is the correct way to reference a poster abstract in scientific writing?
Modifying the standard APA style, a poster abstract should be cited as follows: Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Title of abstract [Abstract]. In: Name of Conference. City.
Is there a restriction on the use of commercialised product names within the medical poster?
Avoid commercial product names in the content, as this can be perceived as promotional, which is often against conference rules. Use generic names instead.
When creating a poster presentation for a PhD, should the abstract be included?
Inclusion of the abstract in the poster presentation might depend upon guidelines of the PhD program or conference. Abstracts usually orient viewers and provide a content overview.
Is there any software or tool recommended for designing the poster?
Software like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or free alternatives like Canva or BioRender can be used. Various templates are also available online. The choice depends on budget, functionality needs, and user proficiency.
Are there industry standards for medical poster design?
While there are recommended practices, exact standards can differ between conferences. Best practices generally include a clear layout, legible text, concise language, and visually appealing graphics.
Can we repurpose data presented in a medical poster for a subsequent publication?
Data from the poster can be used in subsequent publications, within the confines of copyright and ethical rules. In such instances, reference to the original poster presentation should typically be made.
What is the technique to write a compelling poster abstract?
To write a compelling poster abstract, craft an interesting, engaging narrative around your research. Contextualize the problem, be clear about the methodology, emphasize the key findings, and highlight how your research contributes to the field.
Is it a requirement for scientific posters to have abstracts?
While not every scientific poster requires an abstract, most conference guidelines advise authors to include it. An abstract helps viewers quickly grasp the purpose and findings of your research.
How can we effectively display complex data or research results on a poster?
Identify a few key findings and focus on those. Use pie charts, bar graphs and infographics to make the data easier to digest. If needed, supplement with brief verbal explanations.
What are the best practices for medical poster content development?
Understanding the target audience and conference guidelines, taking a storytelling approach to your data, and employing visual aids can all greatly enhance the quality of content development.
Where should the abstract be placed on the poster for optimal readability?
Whether in the top-right corner, centered at the top or elsewhere, the abstract should be easily locatable. The goal is to ensure it is one of the first elements viewers see.
How are references cited on a medical poster?
References are usually cited at the bottom of the poster. They should be minimal due to space limitations, focusing on the most seminal or directly related works.
During a conference poster session, is a pre-submitted abstract necessary?
Pre-submitted abstracts are often a requirement for congresses. The details for the same are generally provided in the call for abstracts document released by the conference organizers.
Is there a way to track the impact or reach of our poster after the congress?
It's usually challenging to track direct impacts post-congress. However, audience engagement during the session, requests for your data, follow-on communications, collaboration offers, and citation counts can indicate impact.
What kind of paper material is best suited for printing a medical poster?
Resilient materials that can handle transportation without damage are ideal. Polyester fabric posters are becoming popular. If budget allows, foam-core mounting provides a professional look.
How do you ensure the scientific accuracy of a medical poster?
Authors should strictly adhere to research integrity principles and ensure that all reported data are accurate. Mistakes should be corrected promptly, following up with the conference if necessary.
Can we include QR codes for more detailed information on our poster?
Using QR codes can be helpful to provide a link to more detailed information, documents, or resources. Always confirm that the congress allows QR codes on posters.
Does an industry poster carry the same weight as an academic one at a congress?
An industry-funded research poster could be equally valued at a congress if the science is sound, the design is professional, and it provides novel insights or furthers understanding.
Are there size restrictions for the text when writing a medical poster?
Text size should be large enough to be read from around 1-2 meters away. Generally, headings should be around 48-60 pt. Size 24-28 pt can work for main text.
How can we ensure representational equality in a medical poster?
Representational equality involves diversity of research participants, gender and race balance in authors, and ensuring the poster is accessible to an international, potentially multilingual audience.
What would make an academic abstract effective for a poster?
A poster abstract becomes effective when it condenses job of your poster into about 200-300 words, engages reader’s interest and provides a clear, concise summary of your research.
How critical is the role of a medical writer in creating a medical poster?
A medical writer ensures a smooth narrative, clear messaging, compliant content, and error-free language. These competencies are crucial in communicating effectively, so their role is vital.
Can we use the same poster in multiple congresses or does it need to be unique each time?
It's allowable to use the same poster for different congresses, though updating data or tailoring it to the specific audience or theme of each congress can make the presentation more impactful.
What are some examples of innovative visuals that can be incorporated into a medical poster?
Innovative visuals could include interactive infographics, artistically represented data, use of augmented reality elements, QR codes linking to 3D models or videos, and other digitally-enhanced content.
Do medical posters include a summary or abstract?
Yes. Similar to a manuscript, a medical poster usually includes an abstract - a short summary that provides an overview of the research.
How can we maintain patient privacy and confidentiality in a medical poster?
Avoid depicting identifiable patient images and anonymise all patient data. If citing patient conversations, ensure no identifiers are included. It's always best to gain patient consent before using personal data in your poster.
What exactly is a poster abstract and its importance?
A poster abstract is the synopsis of your research designed to attract audience interest in your work. Essentially, it determines whether the congress attendees will stop by your poster.
Does presenting a poster abstract count as a publication?
Conventionally, a poster abstract is considered a form of scholarly presentation rather than a full-fledged publication.
Can the content of a scientific abstract be translated into a nursing poster presentation?
Absolutely. The key is to translate the research so it's relevant and understandable to nursing professionals, focusing on patient benefits and nursing implications, while maintaining the scientific rigor.
Is there any guidance for creating virtual or digital posters?
Ensure the poster is in a web-friendly format. Consider using text and visuals which work well on screen. You might use hover-over effects, embedded links, videos, or interactive graphs.
Which colour schemes are most effective for visibility and legibility in a busy congress environment?
Colours should be used sparingly and strategically to highlight key parts but not overwhelm. Contrasting colours enhance legibility. The background colour should be light with dark letters.
What does a well-structured poster abstract look like?
A well-structured poster abstract should be concise, clearly defined, free from jargon, and arranged into logical segments: Background/Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusion.
How do you recommend dealing with trade secrets or sensitive information in a poster?
Any trade secrets or confidential data should be omitted or anonymised. Mandalory approval should be sought before including any such data. Be cautious not to infringe on any non-disclosure agreements.

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