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Dermatological conditions, minor or severe, often carry the hidden weight of low self-esteem, social stigmas, and physical discomfort. From the relief for chronic eczema sufferers, to the hope for those battling melanoma, or the newfound confidence for a teenager with acne, the need for ongoing research by the devoted scientists, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies remains as important as ever. We share these concerns and work hard to publish their data in high quality media.

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Dermatological conditions affect individuals of all ages, impacting their quality of life in profound ways. We are committed to informing and improving the discourse in this area, powered by our team's robust understanding of the science behind skin health. Through our targeted and innovative communication strategies, we aim to shed light on the ongoing research and advancements that are vital in managing and treating an array of skin conditions.

Longevity with Clients

Same client in wound care communications: 14 years. Same client in psoriasis publications: 6 years.

Meeting Diverse Needs

From wound care dressings to haemorrhoid cream - you will find that someone in the Rx team has the necessary expertise to communicate about your dermatology product effectively to your chosen audience.

In depth Experience in Psoriasis

With one of our best clients, we have effectively created 53 posters, abstracts and podium presentations for Spanish, German, Italian and English audiences. This gives our client the widest coverage of European audiences with their evidence.

A world of expertise available...

With our scalable network model we have a deep talent pool we can draw on. While we can't share the personal details of these writers here, when it comes time to create your dream-team you will receive full bios of the individuals involved to take your project to the next level.

*Not their real name

Jason, a holder of a BSc Honours degree in Biochemistry and an MSc in Economic Evaluation in Healthcare, has 20 years of experience in medical writing specialising in publication management in the field. His expertise spans an impressive range of therapeutic areas including cardiology, dermatology, eating disorders, gastroenterology, oncology, psychiatry, and rheumatology. With a particular focus on Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) writing, he regularly reviews Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions, white papers, business cases, meeting reports, core claims, and peer-to-peer presentations. Jason also offers crucial editorial support to clinical, HEOR, and payer advisory boards.

Key Experience:

  • Over 20 years in medical writing with an emphasis on publication management.
  • Expertise in multiple therapeutic areas such as cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, psychiatry, and rheumatology.
  • Extensive experience in HEOR writing, contributing to HTA submissions, white papers, business cases, and vital presentations.

Since 2006, George has utilised his medical writing skills, initially honed while working for a large pharmaceutical company and a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) in Germany, to author a range of critical regulatory medical writing texts. Over time, he has composed around 50 Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) and protocols from Phase I to IV, along with vital contributions to Investigator's Brochures (IBs), clinical summaries and pharmacovigilance documents including patient narratives, safety update reports and risk management assessment. George's expertise spans a variety of therapeutic areas such as vaccines, oncology, diabetes, dermatology, haematology, acute liver conditions, immunocompromised allergy, medical devices, autism spectrum disorder, and wound healing.

Key Experience:

  • Over 15 years of medical writing experience, including an extensive portfolio including Clinical Study Reports (CSRs), protocols and pharmacovigilance documents.
  • Broad knowledge across various therapeutic areas, including vaccines, oncology, diabetes, dermatology and haematology, among others.

A few examples of our work...

Naturally the security of our client's data is paramount, for this reason we cannot share details of all our projects, when you engage with us we can certainly provide further information of therapeutic area expertise and skills.

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A Chronicle of Success

Here we proudly share the experiences and successes of our esteemed clients. Their candid testimonials attest to our unwavering commitment to service, expertise, and dedication that has consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients.

Due to the sensitive nature of most of our work we are sometimes required to anonymise these public facing testimonials, however we can provide details, including references and case studies later in the process.

Wow, beautiful job, thank you SO MUCH. And you did very smart solution for the questions where the answers differ between EU and the US. Many thanks.


Thanks again. You did an awesome job with the poster!!


Thank you so much for swiftly and skillfully making all these changes. It has been a fantastic experience working with you on this project.


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