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Endocrine and metabolic disorders are increasingly shaping the global health landscape, with dedicated researchers unlocking the mysteries of these complex conditions. With millions of lives touched by diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorders, and osteoporosis, the urgency to develop and disseminate innovative, targeted therapies and preventive strategies has never been greater.

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Endocrine and metabolic disorders have a profound impact on the lives of millions worldwide, making the need for innovative and targeted treatments more pressing than ever. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of medical research, our network of experts are at the cutting edge of scientific discoveries and advancements in this field.

Pharmaceutical Projects Management

Currently initiating and completing approximately 150 – 200 projects in diabetes annually for big pharma (note: carefully firewalled to avoid any potential conflict of interest)

Academic Publication Achievements

Written and reviewed over 100 journal publications

Extensive Diabetes Project Work

Completed almost 1000 projects in diabetes since 2005

Professional Experience

Rx works with >50 medical writers who each have over 10 years’ experience writing in this therapeutic area

A world of expertise available...

With our scalable network model we have a deep talent pool we can draw on. While we can't share the personal details of these writers here, when it comes time to create your dream-team you will receive full bios of the individuals involved to take your project to the next level.

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Eileen is a seasoned pharmacist and medical writer with a strong 30-year history in the medical communication domain. Throughout her extensive career, she has demonstrated her expertise through contributions and reviews of clinical content including manuscripts, abstracts, and presentation materials, and has provided advisory and editorial support, competitor reviews, and database development. Possessing deep insight and knowledge in diverse therapeutic areas, her specialties range from ophthalmology and cardiovascular to diabetes, among others.

Key Experiences:

  • A successful 30-year career as a pharmacist and medical writer.
  • Spearheaded the development of various projects and publications, including manuscripts, abstracts, presentation materials, and database development.
  • Acquired extensive therapeutic area expertise, notably in ophthalmology, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

Hannah has an impressive career as a medical writer spanning over two decades. Her solid educational foundation in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, acquired from a top-tier university in the US, has greatly enriched her role in her current writing and editing team. For over 14 years, she has consistently delivered high-quality content in her speciality area of diabetes.
Hannah has crafted over 20 highly informative articles, all tailored to diabetologists/endocrinologists in Europe and Latin America. These outputs cover a myriad of topics in diabetes management and research, such as Diabetic retinopathy and hypertension in type 2 diabetes, the correlation between obesity, mental illness medication and type 2 diabetes, the role of neurotherapeutics in addressing obesity and its associated comorbidities, lipid management in diabetes, exploration on diabetic microvascular complications amongst many others.

Key highlights:

  • Exceptional 21 years of dedicated experience as a medical writer within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • An extensive portfolio indicating a comprehensive understanding of multiple diabetes-related topics, ranging from diabetic retinopathy to the initiation of insulin therapy in primary care.

Jason, a holder of a BSc Honours degree in Biochemistry and an MSc in Economic Evaluation in Healthcare, has 20 years of experience in medical writing specialising in publication management in the field. His expertise spans an impressive range of therapeutic areas including cardiology, dermatology, eating disorders, gastroenterology, oncology, psychiatry, and rheumatology. With a particular focus on Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) writing, he regularly reviews Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions, white papers, business cases, meeting reports, core claims, and peer-to-peer presentations. Jason also offers crucial editorial support to clinical, HEOR, and payer advisory boards.

Key Experience:

  • Over 20 years in medical writing with an emphasis on publication management.
  • Expertise in multiple therapeutic areas such as cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, psychiatry, and rheumatology.
  • Extensive experience in HEOR writing, contributing to HTA submissions, white papers, business cases, and vital presentations.

Since 2006, George has utilised his medical writing skills, initially honed while working for a large pharmaceutical company and a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) in Germany, to author a range of critical regulatory medical writing texts. Over time, he has composed around 50 Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) and protocols from Phase I to IV, along with vital contributions to Investigator's Brochures (IBs), clinical summaries and pharmacovigilance documents including patient narratives, safety update reports and risk management assessment. George's expertise spans a variety of therapeutic areas such as vaccines, oncology, diabetes, dermatology, haematology, acute liver conditions, immunocompromised allergy, medical devices, autism spectrum disorder, and wound healing.

Key Experience:

  • Over 15 years of medical writing experience, including an extensive portfolio including Clinical Study Reports (CSRs), protocols and pharmacovigilance documents.
  • Broad knowledge across various therapeutic areas, including vaccines, oncology, diabetes, dermatology and haematology, among others.

With over two decades of experience in medical communications, Clara is a registered pharmacist and seasoned medical writer, skilled across many therapeutic areas and project types. Throughout her extensive career with Rx, she has effectively collaborated with various pharmaceutical institutions on ongoing projects. Many of these projects have been in the field of health economics and outcomes, and include value dossiers, publications, training slide sets and HTA submissions. Recently, she has been engaged in data analysis for treatment of pancreatic cancer, lupus, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic syndrome. Clara also played a key role in securing funding through research proposal development, proving her effectiveness as both a team and project leader.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 20 years of professional experience as a pharmacist and in medical communications for different agencies and publishing entities.
  • Specialises in medical writing across various therapeutic areas with a primary focus on health economics and outcomes.
  • Led successful data analysis initiatives and research proposals for funding, showcasing strong leadership skills.

Laura is a seasoned medical writer, holding both clinical and research qualifications, and has over 15 years of freelance experience within the UK and US. She possesses extensive knowledge across multiple therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction. On the mentioned topics, especially erectile dysfunction, she has developed focused training programmes detailing aspects like prevalence, pathophysiology, co-morbidities, treatment options. These programmes also elaborate on specifics of certain medications such as sildenafil, including its mechanism of action, indications, dosing parameters, efficacy, and safety measures. Contributing regularly to peer-reviewed journals, medical education programmes, Laura also undertakes the preparation of product monographs, white papers, and training materials. Having honed her clinical, research, and writing skills at multiple prestigious universities, she is recognised for her excellent communication skills and high standards in her work.

Key Experience:

  • Expert medical writer with over 15 years of freelance experience in both UK and US markets
  • Specifically skilled in therapeutic areas of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction, having developed comprehensive training programmes detailing condition information and treatment options
  • Regular contributor to peer-reviewed journals and medical education programmes, with strong skills honed at several top universities and is recognised for her exceptional communication skills and high standards.

A few examples of our work...

Naturally the security of our client's data is paramount, for this reason we cannot share details of all our projects, when you engage with us we can certainly provide further information of therapeutic area expertise and skills.

This article presents an analysis of the efficacy and safety of Ultra-Rapid Lispro, compared to traditional Lispro, based on a subpopulation of Indian individuals living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

This systematic literature review investigated the clinical, economic and patient-response benefits of using insulin pen platforms, such as connected insulin pens or caps and mobile apps, in managing type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus. The review employed extensive database and internet searches, covering 2015-2021 inclusive, with a focus on observational studies, conference abstracts, and a small number of randomised controlled trials.

This summary discusses a phase 1, double-blind, crossover study where the impact of meloxicam on the pharmacokinetics of insulin lispro and glucose pharmacodynamics was examined over a period of 10 days in individuals with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

This study is a comprehensive analysis of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in Spain, who transitioned to using a higher concentration of rapid-acting insulin known as insulin lispro 200 U/ml (IL200).

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Due to the sensitive nature of most of our work we are sometimes required to anonymise these public facing testimonials, however we can provide details, including references and case studies later in the process.

Thank you and the team for the great collaboration and work on the currently ongoing manuscripts (Psoriasis CEMs) – it’s a pleasure to work with you, everything goes like clockwork, and the actual writing is very good quality.


Senior Research Scientist

THANKS once more for helping us pull off another successful Diabetes Expert Forum meeting in Dubai! Despite the challenges and new hurdles, you always manage to accomplish the task with a smile. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!


I've been thoroughly impressed by the exceptional professionalism demonstrated in setting up and executing this project from Rx Communications and the writers.


I'd like to extend a huge thank you to the RX team working behind the scenes for their outstanding efforts. This makes our lives so much easier!


Thank you so much for being available and managing to finish the task even with the extremely tight deadline we had from the start!


Thanks again for all of your excellent work and help with this manuscript!


Congratulaciones and thanks you a lot for your help.


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