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May 2006

Key Learnings contained in this article:

May 2006 marks the arrival of Greenflint – Rx Communications’ sister company – to be officially launched during ISPOR’s 11th Annual International meeting at the Marriott in Philadelphia, USA , from 20–24 May 2006.At Greenflint we understand the increasing significance of health economics and outcomes research in drug development and marketing, and in healthcare decision-making.  We also understand the importance of presenting evidence to decision-makers as a cohesive whole, so that all elements are consistent, transparent, and form a compelling story.

The Greenflint team comprises experienced health economists who have a background in HTA assessment and model development; project managers who are well versed in ensuring projects run to time and budget; highly creative multimedia designers who build presentable front-ends to help with model use; copy and technical editors for quality assurance; and medical writers to assist with publications and reports.

Our models will evaluate the potential for a new technological development to deliver good value for the healthcare budget, and will help in:

  • early stage decisions;
  • cutting costs;
  • strategic decisions during development; and
  • developing a promotional message.

Greenflint will make a point of advising in the early stages, while keeping the end communication plan in mind.

Our network of health economist academics and professionals can work on your project to deliver the maximum budget impact.

Added value:

Greenflint is complemented by its sister company Rx Communications, experienced in communicating the research we develop.

To discuss the benefits of Greenflint and how it could work for you, contact the Greenflint/ Rx team on +44 (0)1352 706190 – or alternatively see you at ISPOR!

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Ruth Whittington
CEO of Rx Values Group Ltd
MSc(hons), NZSRN
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