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Jun 2018

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ISPOR meetings are a great place for meeting old friends, making new acquaintances and finding out about the latest research in health economics and outcomes.

The annual ISPOR meeting held at Baltimore in May 2018 was no exception; however, from a medical communications agency’s perspective, there was one general observation – the standard of medical writing and presentation was appalling.

I was of course unable to attend every session, and maybe I was unlucky to catch some of the worst.  Nonetheless, it seemed to me that the most commonly used phrase by the presenters was “you won’t be able to read this, but…”

And they were right.  Almost all slides that I saw contained too much information per slide; used font sizes less than 12pt and were impossible to grasp.

The only slide presentations of good quality were the plenary slides and some (but not all) of the educational symposia; one supposes that there were professional medical writers involved.

I am not advocating that all researchers take a professional medical writing course such as the ones offered by the James Lind Institute or John Hopkins University, and it may be that there is very little sensible advice on presentations, posters and general medical writing available other than in workshops or extended courses.

So here at Rx we’ve decided to rectify this, and offer the first online, modular medical writing course (with added modules specifically aimed at HEOR and market access writing).  We’re making the course modules easily digestible and able to be fitted around busy schedules, with useful checklists and a review of participants own work if requested.

For more information on this course, please contact or pre-register:

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Ruth Whittington
CEO of Rx Values Group Ltd
MSc(hons), NZSRN
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