Re-valuing Email

September 15, 2009
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Mary Gabb
nameEditorial: Re-valuing Email
seo-titleMastering Email for Online Networking
meta-descriptionImprove your online networking skills with effective email use and proper etiquette in a professional setting.
post-summary-shortLearn how to enhance your online networking by utilizing email effectively and adhering to professional etiquette.
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In our third article on online networking, Julie Stauffer revisits a relatively old, but oft underappreciated, tool — email.

How many times have you received an email with the subject ‘HILARIOUS! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!’, cc’d to everyone in your department (or division), only to find it contains a 10-Mb file that you are unable to open, or a link to a site – after you’ve scrolled down pages and pages of previous recipient lists?

We take email for granted nowadays, but it’s only been around for just over 15 years. Among friends, the rules can relax, but email is still used for business communication and is the electronic equivalent of the Memo and cover letter. We cannot forget that, even in our world of ‘business casual’.

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Mary Gabb
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