Top 10 Health Economics Journals

June 23, 2020
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Emma Donadieu

Need to get your hands on the latest research and perspectives in health economics but not sure where to look? Well, we have done the leg work for you.

Here you will find the top 10 health economics journals ranked by SJR (SCImago Journal Rank) – a valuable scoring system to compare journals within the same field (the higher the score, the higher the journal ranks).

We have also included the impact factor for each journal in our assessment – a measure of the importance or rank of a journal based on the number of times its articles are cited. As a rule of thumb, a journal with an impact factor of six or higher would rank in the top 5% of journals.

In addition to SJR ranking and journal impact factor, a good quality journal generally has the following characteristics:

  • It is indexed on PubMed, Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science or another reputable journal index
  • It has an up-to-date website, a clear scope, extensive information for authors and readers, and a publicly visible editorial board consisting of appropriately qualified board members affiliated with accredited universities and research institutions
  • Each article is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

We have focused on publications that specialise in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research, together with a few key health policy journals.


Health Affairs

SJR: 3.766

Health Affairs is a popular, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that is highly ranked among its peers in terms of prestige and influence (impact factor of 4.950). This journal has a special interest in major domestic and international health policy issues that concern both the public and private sector and as a result, it offers a diverse and unique perspective from all aspects of the healthcare industry – industry, labour, government and academia.

Journal of Health Economics

SJR: 2.991

This journal publishes articles focused on the production, supply, demand and utilisation of health services. This is a must-read in the field due to its coverage of all aspects related to the economics of health and medical services as well as its respectable impact factor of 3.352.

Value in Health

SJR: 2.132

Value in Health is another highly respected journal reflected by an impressive impact factor of 5.037. As the official journal for the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, this multidisciplinary forum guides healthcare decision-makers in resource allocation using outcomes research and articles across all aspects of pharmacoeconomics.

Medical Care

SJR: 2.036

Medical Care is a peer-reviewed publication that reports outcomes research on issues related to the planning, organisation and financing of healthcare services. Medical Care is the official journal of the Medical Care Section of the American Public Health Association. It has an impact factor of 3.795 and is rated as one of the top ten journals in healthcare administration.

Social Science and Medicine

SJR: 1.944

Social Science and Medicine is an international forum for decision-makers with an impact factor of 3.087. This journal combines both theoretical and experimental research and draws on multiple social science disciplines including economics, epidemiology and policy.

Health Economics

SJR: 1.574

Health Economics is an essential read as it provides up-to-date information on topical issues in the field of health economics. The journal includes both experimental studies and theoretical analyses on health policy from an economic perspective (Impact factor of 1.574).


SJR: 1.453

PharmacoEconomics is a leading journal that publishes peer-reviewed, authoritative articles on the practical application of pharmacoeconomics and quality of life assessment. PharmacoEconomics has an impact factor of 1.453 and is an invaluable source of information for healthcare policymakers.

Milbank Quarterly

SJR: 1.369

The Milbank Quarterly is a quarterly, peer-reviewed healthcare journal with a focus on healthcare policy. Journal articles cover a wide range of areas including allocation of health resources and the financing and organisation of healthcare. The Milbank Quarterly performs consistently well and is highly rated with an impact factor of 3.332

Medical Decision Making

SJR: 1.289

Medical Decision Making is the journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making. Its target audience includes researchers, clinicians, and policymakers interested in a rigorous and systematic approach to decision making and medical informatics. The journal covers a range of medical decision-making topics including strategies for patient care and policy decision making, and the outcomes of decisions together with their measurement and valuation (Impact factor of 1.289).

Quality of Life Research

SJR: 1.116

This international multidisciplinary publication is committed to the rapid communication of scientific information including articles across social science, clinical medicine and health service outcomes. The journal is popular in health policy and has an impact factor of 1.116.

This article has been updated several times since we first assessed the top HE journals in 2008. Please add your comments – we would be grateful to hear if you agree with our assessment.

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Emma Donadieu
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