The Market Access Guide

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Discover the secrets of global market access in the pharmaceutical industry with our comprehensive guide. Authored by experienced professionals Adrian Kielhorn and Ruth Whittington, this book dives into the complexities of pharmaceutical market access, including drug development, payer evidence strategy, and strategic pricing in Pharma. It is an essential tool for anyone aiming to succeed in this intricate field. Going beyond just theoretical knowledge, this guide offers a practical approach to market access strategies. Learn how to incorporate market access and pricing considerations throughout the drug lifecycle, how strategic market access decisions can significantly impact a drug's global success, and how to avoid the pitfalls that could lead to delayed reimbursement and financial losses.

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The Market Access Guide

How to become a successful market access specialist and leader.

Fundamentals of Market Access

Readers will learn about the strategic significance of market access in the success of a drug on the global stage. They will understand how poor market access decisions can lead to delayed reimbursement, financial losses, and prolonged patient wait times for approved treatments.

Practical Strategies and Best Practices

Unlike theoretical textbooks, this guide offers practical strategies and best practices for achieving market access success. Readers will learn how to integrate market access and pricing into development and commercial processes at each stage of the drug's lifecycle and gain insights into activities and analyses that can help them make informed decisions and deliver the best possible information for decision-making.

Global Perspective

This guide takes a global perspective, considering the evolving nature of market access and the differences between countries and regions. Readers will learn how to adapt market access strategies to different markets and develop an understanding of the complexities associated with market access worldwide.

An indispensable resource for navigating the complex landscape of market access.

The Market Access Guide offers practical insights into the role of a market access specialist, combining global perspectives with solutions tailored to specific regional or country's market access plans. It's a treasure trove of actionable solutions, practical examples, and checklists designed to enhance the reader's understanding of drug development, pricing, reimbursement, and more. This book explores the different phases of market access in detail, providing guidance on value creation and communication, evidence gap analysis, pricing strategy, and negotiation. It doesn't stop at the launch - the guide delves into post-launch strategies, ensuring enduring value communication and success. By sharing their extensive experience and practical solutions, the authors aim to inspire and educate, turning readers into successful market access specialists and leaders. Whether you're an industry professional or aspiring to become one, The Market Access Guide is a book you can't afford to miss. Written by seasoned industry experts, "The Market Access Guide" offers a thorough examination of the complex landscape of pharmaceutical market access and aims to equip professionals with the knowledge, strategies, and insights necessary to effectively navigate and excel in this field, providing a launching pad for further study and training in the field.

Expert Authors

Written by renowned industry experts Adrian Kielhorn and Ruth Whittington, the guide offers insights and experiential knowledge that can only be provided by individuals who have navigated the landscape themselves.

Practical Application

Beyond theory, the guide delves into real-life scenarios and practical solutions to common challenges, thus equipping readers with actionable strategies that can be applied in their professional roles.

Broad Relevance

While focused on individuals specialising in market access, the guide is also useful for cross-functional partners, offering insights into the functioning and crucial role of market access, thus fostering better inter-departmental understanding and collaboration. 

Market Access Strategies & Tools

Within the pages are strategies for crucial aspects such as drug development, value strategy, payer evidence strategy, pricing, and reimbursement. These strategies deeply inform and equip readers to effectively navigate this field with confidence.

Further Reading

Touting a detailed glossary and extensive references, the book enables a deeper understanding and further exploration of topics of interest, making it an excellent reference tool for professionals aiming to enhance their expertise in the field.

Insights for Career Development

For individuals seeking to grow in their careers or aspiring leaders in the field, this book serves as a guide to becoming a successful market access specialist, providing a broad overview of the key topics in Market Access combined with valuable insights from Market Access Professionals. 

Adrian Kielhorn

Health Economist and Market Access Expert
Adrian Kielhorn is an accomplished health economist with extensive experience in HEOR research, strategic pricing, and marketing. Known for inspiring teams with his dedication to high-quality value evidence, Adrian's contributions to the field include the 'Health Economics Handbook' and numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts.

Ruth Whittington

CEO of Rx Values Group Ltd
Ruth combines a background in nursing, teaching, and medical writing with a specialisation in HEOR. A respected member of ISPOR, her passion for education and clear communication has led to successful industry workshops and several insightful publications on health economics.

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